I sure do hate cutting trees . . . .

but I’m going to enjoy having a garden and a CELLAR! 


Lincoln is standing in the cellar.  Sid still has to move that mound of dirt in the front.

Lincoln and Rachel standing in the cellar.


Ahhhh, the manly man who is making all my dreams come true!  He is going to bore a hole under the driveway for drainage and to run power for a light in my cellar.  I figured on using a flashlight, but I should have known that my man would go high-tech.

The area behind him with the trackhoe and downed trees will be the garden.  Sid wants me to let him know tomorrow how big to make this cellar.  What do I say?  What do I say?   How big do I want this cellar?

One thought on “I sure do hate cutting trees . . . .

  1. BIG…. that’s the size it should be. BIG to hold all of those veggies. BIG so you have plenty of room to move around. BIG because you never know how much space you may need; better to be safe than sorry…that’s my motto…and that’s my advice. But than again I could be wrong. It’s just that I always go with BIG. Of course, you knew I would say BIG, BIGGER, BIGGEST is is better.

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