Happy Valentine’s Day

Today was a love-ly day.

I gave Sid and the children little valentines that I had printed and colored from the site of author Jan Brett.  The pictures were Jan Brett’s, but the words were mine, so the valentines weren’t as cheesy as they could have been.  More like a mild cheddar rather than extra sharp.

Speaking of cheese, I finally made Sid the pimiento cheese spread he requested weeks ago.  Mom dropped by with valentine cards and small pieces of candy for the children.  They were thrilled with their cards and single piece of candy.  Rachel especially walked around “reading” and “re-reading” her card over and over again.  The card said something different every time she read it.

Then we looked out the window and saw 2 donkeys and a couple of goats in our yard.  The neighbors.  Sheesh! (rolls eyes)

After the livestock were rounded up and dragged across the yard and back through the woods (or maybe it was the donkeys dragging the humans), I took a nap. 

Later, we danced to Pachelbel’s Canon in D and the William Tell Overture, made heart-shaped sugar cookies with colored sprinkles and watched Little House on the Prairie.  I patched Lincoln’s blanket while we watched.  Made me feel a little like Ma Ingles.

Except Ma Ingles was probably never gifted with a secondhand Hallmark coffee cup that says “A Mom’s love is extra special” on one side and “Nobody understands like Mom” on the other.  That was Sidney’s valentine gift to me.  He spent a whopping 26 cents on it.

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