A little R & R for Sid

Sid rarely sits down.  Except to eat.  My man likes to keep busy and productive.  He is very much like his Dad in this area.

So when he sits down, I take notice.  And when he sits down to READ a book that isn’t an operator’s manual, I am delighted and charmed.  I know, I know, my pleasures are odd and simple.  I was so charmed by the relaxed picture of him sitting in our leather armchair with his feet resting on a footstool that I grabbed my camera.

But before I could snap my shot, 2 little urchins discovered that the big man of the house had stilled and was, therefore, vulnerable to attack.

Prairie attempts the stranglehold.  Sid appears to not be affected.



Rachel joins in.  Together they try to take him from the top, but Sid doesn’t blink.



The girls tussle to find a weak spot.



Ah-ha!  He is leaning to his left.



He’s leaning.  He’s leaning, but still has the appearance of being unfazed.




Good grief.  What kind of book could hold his attention through an attack of the girls?

I bet he is faking.  He’s not really reading that book.

Let’s go in for a closer look.



Ah.  He is intensely interested in Bible secrets that Christians don’t know.  So if you need to know a Bible secret, now you know who to ask.  I’m sure you are relieved.



Wow.  He’s good.  Never broke his concentration once.  I decided he wasn’t faking it when I got low enough to see his eyes tracking left to right.  Plus I like his whiskers.  The whisker don’t really have anything to do with this.  I just like them, so I’m saying so.

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