We’re still here . . . . .

just very, very busy.  So busy doing and not enough time to write about the doings.

What’s going on around these parts:

School — geography, history, math, reading, reading, reading, learning about all the family relations (in this family, that is a whole subject in itself);  Guests and good-byes — we’re about to say goodbye to a friend heading to the mission field in Russia.  Making curtains, Roman shades, clearing a garden, making a root cellar, re-doing our budget and getting creative with saving and spending.  Lincoln is moving up to his 3rd violin. 

Thank goodness I have good helpers.  Rachel helps me rinse sprouts and Prairie helped take out screws to take off  the door to my lovely new/old hoosier cabinet today.

Somewhere in my days, I think I’m supposed to provide 3 meals a day.  I think I need to renegotiate my contract.  Speaking of which, I think my hamburger is burning. . . . . . . . . . .

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