For my sister . . . . . . .

who gets very frustrated when she arises from bed and rushes to the computer to check my blog.

Only to find . . . . . . nothing new.

So she uses my side links to visit Carla’s blog.

Only to find . . . . . .nothing new.

Then she checks Sandra’s blog and Pioneer Woman’s blog.

Only to find . . . . . . . .nothing new.

Because we have all let her down, deflated her, caused her to lose all hope, joy and happiness.  And to get her off my back so I won’t have to carry around a bucketload of guilt, I am linking her to some sites that should be right up her alley and keep her occupied when the rest of us are too busy to blog.

For the record, many of these links may also be of interest to the rest of you.  Many of them are about home decor on a budget, everything from using yard sale finds to creating curtains with nothing but tacks and hot glue.  So without further ado . . . . . . . .

The Nesting Place — After moving 13 times in 13 years of marriage, the Nester is experienced in how to make a homey, comfortable nest quickly and frugally. 

I particularly liked this ladies window treatment, though I would probably go ahead and sew it instead of gluing.  However, for the person without a sewing machine or sewing skill, it is a great idea that looks great.

I thought this was a clever and unique idea for cleaning a microwave.  And you know, sometimes we just need a creative new way to do the same ole’ thing.  Or maybe that’s just me.

I learned from this lady the most perfect height for hanging pictures.    Which I always knew was much lower than my 6 foot 3 inch husband hangs them.  Search forthe  “54 inches to center” post.

I had been thinking of “wall-papering” the back of a bookshelf with pretty scrapbook paper for months, but kind of thinking that I was nutty for thinking it.  Well it turns out, I’m either not the only nut or it is a pretty good idea.  The lady over at The Shabby Nest did this exact thing with her bookshelf.    Look for her “Happy Spring” post.  I might get around to giving this a try after all.

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