He’s growing

and growing . . . . . and growing  . . . .  . . .and growing . . . . .


He is growing out of his pants.


He is definitely growing goofy.



I hope he OUTgrows the Barney-Fife-look.



I. (snicker) . . . Have. (snort) . . . . No. (giggle) . . . .Words.










Okay, I’m back.  I had to go wipe the tears from my eyes.  I think I’m in control of myself now.

The goof.  He outgrew his second violin, so we invested in a third violin.  Lincoln has been taking violin lessons for almost 2 years now.  His violin recital is May, so we have plenty of time to practice proper stage etiquette. 

Whatever that is.

But I doubt it is this . . . . . . . .

2 thoughts on “He’s growing

  1. Nope. DEFINITELY not.

    Though I do have careless mispellings on my blog. I often see them and am too lazy to correct them. I figure if I communicated my thought, then I’ve done well enough.

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