My sister has changed my life and set me free.   I didn’t even know I was imprisoned until I was freed.

And all because I had this vague notion that girls should have long hair.  Well, not that they SHOULD should, as in it would be bad if they didn’t.  It was more of a preference thing.  I just liked the girly braids and girly pony tails and long hair freshly combed and tangle-free.

It was that freshly combed and tangle-free part that was tripping me up.  Rachel’s hair, in particular tangles terribly.  Hair combing was a miserable ritual for her and became a miserable ritual for me. 

Out of frustration last week, I mentioned to Sid that I was thinking of cutting the girls’ hair –short, very short, like shorter than a bob even.  I was giving him a chance to veto the idea, but he only asked 2 questions –“Who takes care of their hair?”  and “Do the girls get anything out of it?” 

Well, when he put it that way . . . . . . . .

So I called my sister, begged her to come quickly and the results . . . . . .

Sid and I love their haircuts and are wondering why it took us so long to do this.  Thank you Bree Bree.

And to top it all off, she stayed around afterward to do an art project with the kids.  Isn’t she a good aunt?

2 thoughts on “Liberated

  1. Look, I know you only post pictures of your children so that your relatives will write comments that tell you how very cute they are. I, for one, will not fall for it, no matter how adorable Prairie looks when she concentrates, nor how well Rachel’s dress sets off her red hair. SO THERE.

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