Freaky Friday

It is barely 10:30 in the morning.

My 3-year-old just pooped out an orange balloon. 

We just discovered our THIRD litter of kittens in the outside garbage can, UNDER some wood scraps and junk we are afraid to move lest they crush the helpless kitties.

And we still have our formal book learning to do, you know the kind of school where there is a finished product you can point to and say “This is what we accomplished today.”  At least the boys have a clear picture in their heads of the consequence of a Dad who lets his 3-year-old try to blow up an orange balloon.  And a clear understanding of the digestive system – what goes in, and what comes out, particularly how the body disposes what it cannot use.

Yep.  I showed them the balloon and tried to make a school lesson out of it.  I’m just a desperate mom trying to educate my children with the tools I have on hand.  My boys are now thoroughly prepped to handle fatherhood and to make wise food choices. 



Thank goodness I have this blog to document the other kind of learning that is more subtle, even kind of nebulous.

Sorry, no pictures were taken to accompany this post.  I have spoiled you people with gorgeous pics of my kids for too long.  I expect you to use your imagination for today’s events.  I will say that Prairie looked exceptionally cute in that jumper Bree made, the pale aqua one with tiny rose-colored flowers.

4 thoughts on “Freaky Friday

  1. I’m really disappointed in you, Tina. I got all excited about the balloon in the poop statement, thinking there would be pictures to follow. You are just so heartless. Thank goodness you didn’t post any pictures of those nasty kittens. I might have lost my lunch over that.

  2. Should we repeat the whole scenario? Me leaving the house to go to the chiropractor, leaving my sweet children in the care of their Daddy, who only half pays attention to the 3-year-old standing beside him trying to blow up a balloon UNTIL he hears the SQUEAK SQUEAK of teeth chewing latex and an audible swallow?

    Then wait 2 whole days, watching that 3-year-old’s bathroom visits closely and wondering how closely I will have to inspect the “deposit” to assure myself that nothing got “stuck”?

    Hmmmmmm . . . . .not sure I want to repeat this incident just for a picture. I’ll just live with your disappointment.

    I really should dig through the trash to get those kittens and take pics though. When we found the last 2 litters only hours old, they still had the umbilical cords attached. The girls are in kitty heaven.

  3. I can SO hear the SQUEAK SQUEAK sound in my head. I’m glad the balloon was orange and not brown. 🙂 I suppose since it would cause you a fair amount of trouble to reproduce the situation that I can forgive you and forget my disappointment.

    I’m sure mine would love to come to kitty heaven with Prairie and Rachel. They got pretty excited over Tiger. Not sure what they’d do with a whole litter of cute fluffy furballs.

  4. i don’t need pictures…i can imagine the whole scene… prairie ‘s sound of the balloon being swallowed, sid’s expression (very cool, calm and collected, no big deal…it will work it’s way out) and of course your expression of…disbelief, anxiety, and the realization of the next couple of days. Heh! Heh! can you hear me giggle? but pictures would have produced more giggles.

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