Creative Writing Class

I teach a fun creative writing class, and I inspire my boys to sit up in bed at night writing songs.

Um, yeah, right. 

Fun is something I have to work at.  I’ve done little to teach writing, period.  I have no memory of teaching creative writing at all.  My boys whimper their way through their daily handwriting assignment of 3 lines.

And yet, my 7 and 10-year-old boys sat up in bed last night writing, writing, writing . . . . . . . . .

All it took to inspire and motivate these boys was a whole lot of silliness, something I’m in short supply of.  Fortunately, their daddy’s cup overfloweth with silly.

Some of you who are familiar with Sid songs may recognize the source of their inspiration.

The 10-year-old’s song:



The 7-year-old’s version:

Lincoln purposely left out “decided” and “friend” because he didn’t know how to spell them.  Though he easily spelled southern Africa.

With great excitement, the boys brought their work to the breakfast table this morning.  Sidney begged Lincoln to allow him to sing Lincoln’s song because Sidney thought it was so funny.  Lincoln was pleased and declared, “Just wait until you hear the next part I’m going to write.”

Now, I’m wondering whether I really need to use that writing curriculum I bought after all.

One thought on “Creative Writing Class

  1. No purple birds? No blue hippos? 🙂

    Wait until they hear the songs that Grandpa Louis made up. 🙂

    I sting because I’m happy…

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