It is a quiet, rainy morn

here today.  Relatively, speaking.  Prairie has been her usual talking, singing self.  But all the men in the family — Sid and our boys —- have headed out into the rain in their steel-toe workboots.  No wastewater installation in this muddy mess.  They are wastewater detectives today, seeking to solve the mystery of the golf resort with a very smelly problem, the kind of smell that leaves guests choking, gasping for breath —-clearly not the ambience guests look for when paying big bucks to attend upscale socials or a round of golf.

Before my Wonder Boys left, the 7-year-old Wonder Boy helped me get started on a muffin recipe I found over at the Prairie Frog Blog.  I have borrowed quite a few recipes from the Prairie Frog Pantry.  This one is a keeper that will go in the regular breakfast rotation I am planning for Lincoln. 

Our menfolk deserted us before the muffins were finished, so Prairie and I finished mixing them.  Rachel was sleeping a little later than usual, so my little helper enjoyed her Mama time scooping muffin mix into the muffin pan.  I enjoyed the coziness of home, having my girl beside me, the pitter-patter rain music coming through the open window and the prospect of using my clothes dryer.

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