Rags to Riches???

This week, I found a creative solution to my “desire” for the girls to have pajamas.  I say “desire” because they don’t absolutely NEED pjs.  It is warm weather and they would happily sleep in panties, but I wanted them to be more modestly covered.  I also didn’t want to buy summer p.j.s that would only be used for a few months and then have to purchase winter p.j.s.

My solution?

One pair of scissors and last winter’s pajamas that were getting too short in the leg and too snug in the arms = cool summer pajamas.

And you know the best part about this plan?  When I showed the girls their old, ragged, stained and clipped pajamas, they squealed “HOW CUUUUTE!” and immediately wanted to wear them.

But we stacked them neatly in their drawers.


Then I took the pile of clipped arms and legs, cut open seams to make little disposable wash rags.  These are great for cleaning great yard sale finds or nasty, greasy things that I don’t like to use my good washcloths for.

The girls occupied themselves for 2 solid hours “playing” with my new rags.

Apparently, they make great beds and blankets for little critters.

I have no idea what kind of creative play is going on in this picture.  All I know is that I had happy, content, creatively-occupied children with “new” summer pjs in their drawers and it didn’t cost me a cent!

That is more money that can be paid toward the principal on this house.  Woohoo!

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