A Beach Wedding

We drove to the beach for a family wedding last week.  It is the first wedding of the Gaskins nephews and nieces. 

We arrived the evening before, in time for the wedding rehearsal, because Lincoln was the ring bearer.   We got in some wave frolics before the rehearsal.



When the rehearsal began, the Father of the Bride escorted the fair maiden barefoot across the sand.



The ring-bearer and flower girl


Ashely and Grant, the bride and groom (Note the father of the bride with his head turned, watching his little girl walk away from him with her soon-to-be-husband . . . . .sniff, sniff)



It looks like these 3 had fun during the rehearsal.

My 5-year-old redhead told me later that one day she would get married, have a baby and go to the beach.  It took me a minute to realize that in her mind, she was putting together Ashley’s beach wedding with the discussion we had just had of Aunt Carla’s very pregnant belly.

Sorry, but I didn’t get pictures of the actual wedding.  It was a small, cozy gathering and it somehow felt intrusive to take pictures.  Ashley and Grant’s wedding is the first one I ever attended on the beach or in the rain.  It was beautiful, perhaps even more because of the light drizzle, as if Ashley and Grant’s union was being baptized by the heavens.

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