I finished my Work of Art . . . . .

that is if your definition of art includes economy, making do with what you have and perhaps bucking traditional ways of doing things. 

And imperfect.  Definitely imperfect.

Even still, I am pleased with my little project.  It is one I have wanted to do for a long time.

Sid performed The Grand Hanging for me last night, though we were tired and probably should have just went to bed.  Sometimes, we must suffer for the sake of Art.  (At least, that seems to be the rule around here when it comes to MY art.)

Gotta love a man with tools who knows  how to use them.


Hmmmm . . . .he is using his level — UNusually precise for a man who doesn’t get bogged down in details.  I think it means he likes my little project, which makes my heart go pitter-patter.


These silhouettes have transformed my boring, ho-hum living room.  They capture my attention every time I walk into the room, which is exactly what I hoped they would do.

And the children were enthralled with the simple shapes and naming who was who.


A close-up of details — I used mulberry paper for the torn, feathery edges and wrote 2009 in very tiny letters on the bottom edge of the silhouettes.  I wanted both the paper and the date to add a little interest, but not detract from the bold simplicity of the silhoette shapes. 

I matted and framed them myself to keep them in budget, though I use “matted” very, very loosely here.  I won’t disclose the details of my nonconventional matting technique, unless someone really wants to know so they can do it themselves.

I also added some detail to the frames with a hammer — my way of embracing my imperfection.  Plus it was kind of fun.

This project was brought to you by Grandma Sandy and Grandma Louise whose birthday contributions purchased the secondhand frames, black paint and the mulberry paper.  Thank you so much!  I LOVE my silhouettes!

And to give credit where credit is due, thanks to  The Nesting Place for the inspiration to do this project.

How to make a silhouette, part 1

How to make a silhouette, part 2

How to make a silhouette, part 3

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