Stuck to the back of my eyelids

You know how you can stare hard at an image for a few minutes, then close your eyes and still see the basic shape of that image for a few seconds?

Did you know that that will work even HOURS after you stared at that image?

That is what I discovered this week after picking blueberries for 3 straight days.  On each of the last 3 evenings, when I closed my eyes for the night, I could still see clusters of blueberries, most of which were hanging just out of reach . . . . . .unless I stretched just a little further . . . . . . . . on tiptoe . . . . . .balanced precariously on a ladder.

So, of course, I lived precariously.

And I have my bounty to prove it.  These are organic, FREE blueberries to stock my freezer for the winter.  After the cow  put that huge dent in our grocery budget, I am willing to put some effort into wholesome free food. 

If you think that is a lot of blueberries on the table, let me tell you that I have about that much already in my freezer and another large batch sitting in the fridge, waiting to be inspected, bagged and frozen.  It is almost embarrassing to HAVE so much food, when so many have so little.  And my greedy little heart whispers that it is not enough, that I must return to the blueberry bushes to pick more, More, MORE.

Downright embarrassing, I tell ya.

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