How to make a silhouette, part 1

I’ve had a couple of requests for a “how to” on the silhouettes I made of the kids.  I don’t think I did anything particularly unusual or special.  ***Note:  I am breaking this up into 3 parts, partly so I don’t overwhelm myself and partly because I made my silhouettes in stages – 10 minutes here, 15 minutes there.

So . . . . . . . . .

Find a really cute kid.

Found one. 

Turn her to the side and tell Her Cuteness to be still. 

Then tell her that she needs to stand with her head straighter and NOT jutted forward.  And to not smile so goofy, but to act normal.  Okay . . . . . don’t act normal for HER, but like other people normal.


Ooops!  She over-compensated and went the other way.  And is now giving a less toothy, though still goofy smile.


“Daddy, can you help?”


Prrrrrryyyyyy the chin off the chest.


Oh dear, the little cutie is looking a might discouraged.


Coax a little smile out of her.  Ah, there’s our happy girl!  Let’s just go with it.

I can’t say that getting her profile was easy, but it sure was fun. 

NOTE:  This step probably doesn’t take so long if Mom and Dad show better control and refrain from torrents of laughter. 

ANOTHER NOTE:  Prairie is wearing her pajamas.  For the silhouettes, it doesn’t really matter if your cute kid is clean or wearing their Sunday best.  You may or may not want odd-looking cowlicks or other hair disturbances, depending on the what is normal for that kid.

If I were trying to photograph a baby, I would just occupy the baby with some toy or an older sibling and sneak up on her from the side to snap the photo.

How to Make a Silhouette, part 2 coming when I find my way out of the blueberry bushes and the bean patch.

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