In case an explanation is needed

for yesterday’s Wordless Wednesday.

The feet belong to my 10-year-old son, Sidney.  He is laying under a chamber which is in a trench.  The trench is part of a septic system drainfield.

Sidney was working with his Dad last week installing a septic system.  It was a hot day.  He was a tired boy.  He thought it quite reasonable to seek shade and rest under the chamber.  Just for the record, let me repeat:  the boy chose to crawl under a chamber laying in a septic drainfield.  His father did not “install” him there.

Both our boys take turns working with Sid every week now.  For us, it is an important part of their homeschooling that they learn to get dirty and do physical (free) labor.  Ahhhhh, the benefits of child labor.  Learning physical labor rates higher than learning Algebra, in my book.

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