My evening snack

Yep.  I’m blogging about what I eat.

One day, when my kids are grown, they will read this post and wonder about their odd mother who wrote about her food.

The other night, Sid and I were preparing to watch New In Town.  Usually a movie is a cause for a little snackie around here.  So I grabbed a saucer and . . . . .

dumped a handful of bean sprouts on it.

Don’t they look lovely?

Yes, they do.  Just shake your head up and down and agree with me.

I grew those in a jar myself, so of course, they are beautiful.  Don’t even suggest that they look . . . . . . like . . . . . . . .well, something less than appetizing.

Then I added

alfalfa sprouts.  I grew those in a jar too, and they are even lovelier than the bean sprouts.  Shake your head in agreement.

I topped this off with

little tomatoes.  I didn’t grow those.  My mother-in-law did, God bless her.

I then drizzled a homemade dressing of olive oil, vinegar, Italian seasoning and salt over my rabbit food.

Confession:  the above picture is actually my second helping.

Usually Sid has me double whatever I make myself, so he can snack with me.  But on this night, he quietly watched me arrange sprouts and tomatoes.  Then he stole into the pantry and grabbed the chocolate chips.

I don’t think it was personal.

2 thoughts on “My evening snack

  1. Oh, Tina…I am so enjoying your blog! And I am laughing because your “snack” actually looks good to me, even though I am so *not* a “rabbit food” person, usually. But I have really learned to love sprouts, and there is nothing better to this Arkanzas girl than a *good* homegrown tomato. Yum. I need to learn to sprout. Sounds like a good thing for the kids and I to do for science this year. I’d love to hear any advice you have on getting started!

  2. Thank you for the compliment Jennifer! Though I confess that I am perplexed that anyone other than Grandma, my sister, and my dear mother-in-law would want to read my drivel. And I’m quite sure they are biased by their love for me.

    Now about sprouts – I can post about sprouts. Been meaning to anyway. Thought it might be one of those things that my kids talk about one day: “Hey, remember, when Mom used to grow little plants in jars? And then make us eat them?”

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