just for clarification

Someone asked me if Sid was bothered by my post “He Can Deny It All He Wants.”

I guess I wasn’t as clear as I thought.  Sid and I both laugh together over that story.  If I had thought for one minute that it would bother him, I would not have posted it.

I adore my husband, absolutely adore him.  I hope that I did not cause anyone to think otherwise.

I considered removing the post for fear that I would give others the wrong impression.  However, I decided to let the post stay because I think it is a wonderful reminder of how far Sid and I have come.  Many of us, especially when younger, have/had areas of insensitivity or moments of less than stellar behavior.  Sid was a fine man when I married him.  But he is much finer man now.  He has worked hard to see the faults of his heart and to change them.  I stand in awe of him.

I am also humbled by him.  He has done what I have not, what I still struggle to do on daily basis.  And he covers me and all my failings in love that seems never-ending.

Another reason I want my original post to stay is that I imagine my children reading over this blog one day.  It is a record of our lives.  While I want them to see and remember the best of times, I also want them to see the little foibles.  Especially the ones that grew us and that we learned to laugh over.

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