mushroom tea

Okay, so technically, this is not mushroom tea.

It is kombucha.  At least, it was kombucha when it was given to me 10 days ago.

During the last 10 days, I have greeted my kombucha every morning, turned the kombucha jar this way and that at lunch time, squinted at it again in the evening.

I was told to look for bubbles, a kind of fizzing and a new layer to the SCOBY (that is the mushroom that really isn’t a mushroom).  That sounds easy.  But in my mind, I was expecting to a lot more bubbly and a lot more fizzy. 

I don’t know what I’m doing.  I need some mushroom tea, I mean kombucha, experts. 

I need to ask questions like:

Is it ready to drink now?
-Why do I want to drink this stuff again?
-Did I let it go too long?
-If I let it go too long, did I ruin it?
-And why do I want to drink this stuff again?
-Is there any possible way that someone who doesn’t  know  what she is doing (like me) could possibly, maybe, hypothetically-speaking, turn this stuff into poison that will dissolve one’s organs if she drinks it?
-Should I test it on the kids first?

These are the questions I ponder.

5 thoughts on “mushroom tea

  1. I hope you don’t feel overwhelmed by the kombucha. Be encouraged that the baby mushroom (now growing to the size of your container) came straight from the AF kombucha bottle sold at Wholefoods. If it helps, I’ve been tasting mine which I started at the same time. And it is getting there. Mine is slightly tangy and slightly fizzy but, still tastes slightly like tea (still has sugar and caffeine) so it is not full kombucha yet. Just a few more days and I think it will be perfect. We are having cooler temperatures so that may be slowing it down. If you feel nervous about it please read Nourishing Traditions chapter on beverages (starting on page 584). “These beverages give a lift to the tired body by supplying mineral ions depleted through perspiration and contribute to easy and thorough assimilation of our food by supplying lactobacilli, lactic-acid and enzymes.” Also, I personally drink it because it not only tastes refreshing (normally drink 3 oz per day or double if I’m doing yard work) but, it has helped me avoid colds and throw up bugs which go throughout the entire household. I no longer crave or drink soda.

    Hope that helps!

  2. Laura!!! I was hoping you would come along and pat me on the hand and reassure me.

    Did you notice in the picture that it is growing a THIRD layer! You can see it better on the left side of the photo. That kind of threw me, because I was thinking that I should be bottling kombucha and starting a new batch before a third layer grew. So it can grow more than one layer per batch?


    1. Yes, it can grow multiple layers per batch. But usually it has the appearance of one layer and just gets thicker (1/4 inch or so) as a batch progresses. I’m guessing in your case it is more dramatic because we switched jars and I added the store bought kombucha (with the baby mushroom) on top of the original mushroom. So both of those had to grow to the size of the jar. Which would give the appearance of 3 mushrooms.

      When you think it tastes ready, then, place into bottles (jelly jars with lids will work) leave it on the counter for at least 3-4 days (with pressure it turns into kombucha very nicely) and then into the refrigerator for a few days. And you can leave it in there until you are ready to drink.

      p.s. Knocker set up google reader for me so now I can check your blog easily every day!

      1. Thanks Laura. Sorry you keep having to explain the same thing over and over. It takes things awhile to penetrate my brain. Not sure why I feel so intimidated about this. I will be bottling and starting a new batch today. I will feel a little better about it after I get that done. I will feel more confident a week or so later, if it is still alive, that it survived my fumbling care and harvesting of kombucha.


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