Cheap art

So we are blessed to have this wonderful house with all this light and space and yards upon yards of blank, primed walls.  I’ve been feeling the itch to decorate, to add color and character to the house, but . . . . . . . . . . . .well, there is this thing called a budget and an uncertain economy.  I just can’t justify spending much more than $1 on some wall art.  And for a whole dollar, it had better make a big statement.

Then I saw this patchwork wall art at Hope Studios.  Looking at her materials, I realized I had it all laying around the house.

And the seed was planted . . . . . . . .maybe I could do something similar?  Since I had nothing to lose . . . . . . . . . .

my version of the patchwork wall quilt, using papers in my desk drawer.  Ohhhhh, the temptation to buy a few more coordinating papers.  But nope — the challenge was to work with what I already had.

Don’t look toooooo closely or you might seem the ripples in the paper.  And I hid several foibles (like torn paper) by modge-podging a paper strip over the tears.  I almost “wiped” all the paper off one square with a damp rag.  I didn’t cover up that foible though.  I’m just pretending it is supposed to look like that.

When I hung my new block quilt, it highlighted the mess on the dresser beneath the art (using this term very loosely).  It motivated me to clean off the dresser and sweep up the pile of human hair under the dresser (I’m not joking, and don’t ask).

Now, when I walk through the foyer into kitchen, this is the scene that greets me.

Ahhhhh, simple, clean yet interesting to the eye.  I just need to do something with the basket, duck and saucer with a birdnest on top of the armoire.  I forgot those were up there.

Confession:  I hate modgpodge.  I really do.  This is the second time I’ve messed with it.  I ain’t talking about my first modgepodge experience.  This second time around with it was better, mostly because I was working with smaller pieces of paper for this patchwork wall quilt.  But I still don’t care for it.  When I get tired of this color combination, I will stick new scrapbook paper on the squares with double-sided tape —- faster, cleaner, no ripples.

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