I am such a thief

I rarely have an idear of my own.  And why should I reinvent the wheel?  When others have  wonderful ideas I can steal.

Just this week, I stole one from Dell over at the PrairieFrog blog.  Or maybe I should say that I stole Idea # 139 from Dell.  I swanny, some people just plumb invite theft when they keep going and having so many good thoughts in their head.

Anyway, Dell thought it would be neat to recreate the lovely habit of note-passing in school.  Except she does it with a notebook AND she, the teacher, participates in writing little notes to the children, and they write back to her.

I immediately knew I wanted to do this too.  So this week, I wrote a love note to my eldest in a special little notebook for me and him.  He wasn’t too excited about the flowery notebook cover, but I think I tugged on his heart with my note.

However, when I speculated on a resting spot for our notebook, he forgot about girly, flowery notebook covers, and the gears in his brain began to turn.

Is it the male hormones that make his brain function so differently from mine, I wonder?  He worked out a creative, though complicated plan and drew it on our chalkboard . . . . .

It is a pulley system.  The little figure on the right is Sidney working at his table.  When he writes me a note, he will place the notebook on a hook and send it across the room to me.  That is me, on the left, working on the computer.

I told him he could build it in the schoolroom if he made the lines high enough that no one would strangle on them when crossing the room.  If he is blessed with a brilliant scientific and mechanical mind, I am blessed with safety concerns on the brain.  Though not an exciting or creative strength, it keeps the boys in this household alive.

That pulley system should make interesting schoolroom decor, don’t you think?

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