Friday Fancies V

I got tired of saying Fanc-i-ful Fri-days.  Just too many dratted syllables or something.  My brain was stumbling over it everytime I even THOUGHT it.  So I’m changing it to Friday Fancies.  Only 4 syllables.  Surely, my head can handle that.

So last Friday was major excitement here.  I gifted the girls with pink sketch pads.  They are actually scrapbooks with a convenient ringbinder from Big Lots, but they make great sketch pads for the girls.  Watching me writing “Rachel’s Book” and “Prairie’s Book” thrilled them to pieces — such simple pleasures.

It was such a beautiful autumn day that we headed outside in search of something to draw.  I pick a few leaves and a stick and sat between the girls for drawing. 

Sid, who was working from home last Friday, snuck outside with my camera.


This little guy was a surprise find.  He was clinging to the little pine stem we broke off.  Mr. Inchworm was quite proper and mannerly while we studied him and drew him in various inchworm postures.

I’ll confess that this is so much fun I bought my own pink sketchbook.  I’ve got loads of ideas but haven’t actually sat down to draw one thing yet.  But soon . .  . . . . .very soon . . . . . .

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