About last night

****This post is a continuation of last night’s post and will probably not make any sense until you read that post which is titled I am a terrible mother.****

Okay, I recognize that this could be viewed as juvenile behavior, but I got a big kick out of Sid unknowingly getting the blame for that howl I threw out the side door.  So much so, that a half hour later, I did it again.  “Stop trying to scare us Daddy!” So the boys were still awake and thus still alive.

I piddled around, doing a few chores.  Twenty minutes later, I opened the front door, you know so the noise would come at them from a different direction.  At the last minute, I decided not to howl, but kind snorted.  It came out sounding like a sick piggy.  Drats, I should have practice beforehand, I thought to myself.

About 30 minutes later, I heard a lot of noise downstairs as the boys came back in  —–“It was toooooo   coooooooold outside!”

“Go read my lastest blog post,” I told them.  That is when they discovered that their mother was the howling culprit.  Between the laughter and stimulating cold air, it took them awhile to settle down to sleep.

I questioned the boys closely this morning, trying to acertain whether they had really come in because they were cold or because I had pushed it a little too far and actually scared them. 

I learned a lot of things, like the fact that neither boy had worn shoes across our large, gravel driveway and up the big bank to their tent.  No, they had tied plastic grocery bags to their bare feet for that journey.  Why?  I don’t know.  Some questions are better not asked.

I also learned that it was my sick piggy that actually made Sidney a little nervous.  Lincoln revealed that Sidney thought it might be a wild pig.  I couldn’t believe it.  Bears, mountain lions, coyotes —- none of that phased him, but a wild pig gave him second thoughts?

We also discovered that the boys made a list of all the things they heard while in the tent:



Crackling of leaves in woods (hee hee, this was NOT me, I swear!)

Howling (Sid  that would be me)

Trucks and cars


I notice that my sick piggy didn’t make the list.  Maybe it made them so nervous and they were concentrating so hard to hear little sick piggy footsteps approaching the tent that they forgot their list.

I later discovered that temperatures fell into the 20 last night.  Brrrrrrr!  So glad they didn’t stay out there all night.

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