Happy Birthday Prairie

My baby girl is 4 and such a sweet delight to us all.  She began the day showered with presents from sister Rachel, who gifted her with her own used toys.  Prairie was thrilled and felt so so special.

Sidney blew up balloons and decorated with streamers.

“I am going to miss my 3-year-old girl,” Sidney said.

“Yeah, but you will have fun with your 4-year-old girl,” I assured him.

“Then next year, I will be missing my 4-year-old girl, but I’ll love my 5-year-old girl,” he continues.  He has an understanding and appreciation for the passing of time and beauty of these precious, fleeting moments.

Prairie enjoyed her day and reminding everyone how she is 4 now.  She chose hot dogs and oven-fried potatoes for her birthday meal.  I put homemade slaw and tomato-spinach casserole on the side with that.  For dessert, she chose the eternal favorite —– dirt cake, which Sidney so lovingly made for her.

The farm trucks and cows on the dirt cake were Sidney’s presents to Prairie.

Lincoln and Daddy came home from work early.  We were also joined by Grandpa Louis, Grandma Sandy and Great-Grandma Louise who enjoyed the feastings with us.  It was a blessed day.

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