Friday Fancies XI

These Friday Fancy posts are a real test of my brain power.  It’s the whole roman numeral thing.  I should never have started it.  I’m sure to get one of the numbers wrong and disgrace myself.  It is the exact kind of detail any one of my Gaskins relatives will immediately pick up on, them being raised on Jeopardy their whole lives , while I was reared on Dukes of Hazzard and Gilligan’s Island reruns (and yeah, I know that thar sentence ain’t entirely correct but if I can’t be brainy, at least I can be colorful).

Anyhow, about art . . . . . . . .The boys were off doing manual labor with their father last Friday while the girls and I had a little fun with Draw Write Now.

I bought a couple of Draw Write Now books when I first began homeschooling Sidney.  But Sidney didn’t have much interest in drawing or doing much of anything with a pencil at that time.  I’m not sure if it was his personality or if I just didn’t approach it right with him, but I’m so glad I hung on to these books.  They are perfect for the girls.

They get deliciously excited about drawing from them.  They are even starting to use the books independently of me.  I think I’ll rip the books apart soon and place the loose pages in a folder to make it easier for the girls to use.   That will be much better than trying to keep the book open.

Our friday art classes are spilling over into every day and every subject.  The children are planning and implementing more creative, artistic projects than ever before.  They are writing stories, drawing pictures to go with those stories, doing creative photography, drawing design plans to build things, and even decorating their rooms. 

Instead of hiding away his canes in a closet, Sidney chose to display them as art around his window.

The other day Rachel brought me a simple collage she did competely on her own . . .

I’ve not even talked with her about collages.  Now where in the world did that girl get the idea that could go and have her own original thoughts?

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