Yesterday morn as it flits through my mind . . . .

In the girls’ bedroom, I found Rachel and Prairie taping red, yellow and brown leaves to their headboard.  I explained that the leaves would become dry, brittle and fall apart.  We carefully took them back down, talked about preserving them, went downstairs, carefully placed the leaves between the pages of books.

Lincoln sprawled on the family room floor, writing his novel.  Got water boiling for oatmeal.  Lincoln brought his story to me, “A whole page in 2 days,” he declared proudly.  It is an adventure with an enemy army and living trees and horses.

Girls unloaded the dishwasher.  Prairie became fascinated with a sponge she pulled from the dishwasher and “cleaned” the piano and then spots on the kitchen floor.

Rachel, outside collecting more leaves.  I put away clean, handwashed dishes, kept busy rinsing sprouts, wiping counters, occassionally crouching down beside Prairie with a rag to scrub a dirty spot on the floor, praising her work.  Lincoln brought his story back again, 3 more lines painstakingly written.  “This is exciting, Lincoln!”  “I’m going to show Sidney!”

Prairie found a blueberry on the floor, “Can I eat this?”  I inspected it and declared it clean.  The blueberry instantly disappeared into her mouth.  Sidney discussing his remote control helicopter, “It isn’t all that interesting itself, it is the girls getting excited about it and chasing it around that makes it fun.  I guess the toy itself isn’t that fun, it is people’s REACTION to it that makes it fun.”

Lincoln, back again, “Mama, you are going to love what I’m going to write next!”

***All this activity happened BEFORE breakfast!  I guess it isn’t a highly organized, efficiently run homeschool, but at least it isn’t boring.

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