What love drives a man to do . . . . .

It drives him to get up early to get somewhere far away, to get there BEFORE a couple of Japanese Red Maples are pushed down.  It causes him to dig them up, load them onto his truck and bring them home to his wife.  Then he dashes off to the next job because he has a lot to do and really did not have time to go pick up some silly trees just because his wife LOVES Japanese Red Maples.

Knowing that Sid would not be home until almost dark and would therefore be digging holes for the trees in the dark, the kids and I got outside with shovels.  (The trackhoes are on jobsites, so this had to be dug by hand.)

The girls loved it.

Lincoln used a technique for hard ground I had seen Sid use, which is to jump on the shovel, pounding it with his body weight.  I thought about trying that, but I suspect I’m not coordinated enough and would likely chip a tooth on the shovel handle or something equally graceless and disasterous.  Plus I have loose body parts and stiff body parts and it seemed to me that jumping like that would make all those parts hurt all over.  O me.

Ah, me and my girl.  And she has sense enough to borrow Lincoln’s workgloves.  Hey, why don’t I have work gloves?

Yeah, I’m digging a hole in a skirt.  No, I ain’t afraid to put on a pair of pants, just too lazy to go change clothes.

We got the holes done within seconds of Sid arriving home.  Thank goodness he had the bobcat home to lift the trees into the holes.  They were way to heavy, even for Sid.  Which makes me wonder . . . . . . .how do other people live without a bobcat?

I hope the trees live, but even if they don’t, I have the memory of what my man did for me.

One thought on “What love drives a man to do . . . . .

  1. Oh, Tina…I just love this whole story! Those gorgeous trees, you digging in the skirt, your kids’ hard work and enthusiasm, your sweet husband getting the trees for you…and the bobcat!! LOL…love that! DH would LOVE to have a bobcat…and we don’t even have enough yard to turn one around in good! 🙂 I’m always that way about Billy working at the hospital…”What do people do whose husbands don’t work in the ER??” (when someone has split something open or tried to cut something off or we have weird symptoms I don’t know what to do about…;-))

    I really and truly am going to get on board with the Friday art posts soon…HOPEFULLY this week. Between over a month of chicken pox/illness and trying to deal with my latest wave of health stuff, I’m not keeping up. But I’m determined to get there! 🙂 I’m enjoying your Friday Fancies so much.

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