There are no rodents in this post

Unlike this post, which is full of rodent pictures, rodent horrors and rodent humor (for SOME people). 

We awoke this morning to a light snow on the ground which kept my husband at home working in his office.  We were enjoying a late breakfast together with the children, when Sid announces, “Kids, 23 years ago, I did something that I have never done before.”

The kids are quiet, looking at Sid expectantly.

“I dropped a smoocher on your Mama’s lips.”

Lincoln looks confused. “A what?”

“A smoocher,”  Sid clarifies.  “Do you know what a smoocher is?”

Lincoln thinks a minute and offers, “A rat?”

Sid stands up, adjusts his shoulders into his most manly posture and states, “I will show you what a smoocher is.”

“Oh no!”  I squeal, “No dropping rats on my lips.”

Sid leans down and kisses me on the lips. 

Lincoln is un-impressed.  “Oh pleeeeeeeze, I’ve seen you do that over 100 times.”

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