Friday Fancies XIII

I decided to share my own creations today, posed by my little artists.

First model up . . . . . . . Prairie Mandolyn . . . . .

sporting the apron and mitt that she found stuffed in her Christmas stocking.  Though I am delighted with her Prairie-sized oven mitt, I’m not sure I will ever, ever try that again at home.  At one point, I threw the thing at Sid with a little grumbling (okay, a LOT of grumbling).  That little thumb was a devil to turn right side out, but thankfully, he got it turned for me.

Next up . . . . . . .Rachel Bree . . . . . . . . .

modeling a slightly larger apron that she found stuffed in her Christmas stocking.  Her mitt is also slightly larger and with a slightly different design to make that pesky thumb part easier on me.

Here we have Lincoln James . . . . . . . . . . .

sporting a shaggy do and a James Dean look with his apron and mitt that he found stuffed in . . . . . . I bet you already know what I was going to say.  His oven mitt was sooooo much fun to make, a nice, easy size.

And finally, Sidney Louis . . . . . . . .

an apron and mitt with the most masculine-looking fabric I could find in my fabric stash.  You know where he found his cooking duds.

A closer look at Sidney’s mitt . . . . .

The folksy look and artistic styling on this oven mitt was NOT  by purposeful design.  My lazy side was ruling that day —-the green thread was what happened to be in the sewing machine at the time I needed to quilt the mitt.  I did take the time to note the thread was a masculine color and probably would have changed the thread (along with lots of sighing) if it had been a girly color.

After making the girls aprons with these nice long apron strings, I realized that it would be difficult for them to reach behind their backs and tie the strings.  Since I am a lazy mom and like to push the kids to independently do everything they possible can, I knew this would not work for me.  So I chopped off those nice long strings and sewed velcro to them.

I also added D-rings to Prairie’s neck strings . . . . . . .which looks neater than the semi-permanent knots on the other kids’ aprons.

Now, time to put my little kitchen helpers to work.  Leftover oatmeal muffins is on the breakfast menu today.

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