Sing with us now.

I’m a lonesome pole________ cat

Lonesome, sad and blue

‘Cause I ain’t got no feminine polecat

Vowing to be true________

Ooooooooh ooooooooohoohoohoohoohoohoohooh

Cain’t make no vows to a herd of cows


The kids sing this song a lot. I get so tickled when Sidney is wiping down the kitchen counter and starts whistling or sing “Lonesome Polecat.” I included a clip in case someone is unfamiliar with this song, and because the kids like to press play over and over and over.

Just this week, I heard the funniest song to date come from the lips of my 8-year-old son :

Oh, you cain’t shoot a male

in the tail,

like a quail . . . . .

You cain’t get a man with a gunnn!

We had never heard this song until we watched Annie Get Your Gun with the children this week.

And another one we  have all sung this week . . . . . . .

UPDATED link for Anything You Can Do

Many thanks to Aunt Sandra for including the above clip on her blog.  I think my 3 oldest kids were entranced to see grownups argue and act so childish.  After watching the above clip, they begged us to rent Annie Get Your Gun from Netflix.  They thought it was hysterical.

So yesterday, we viewed and sung the above 3 clips over and over and didn’t even have time for math.  I consider it Courting/Marriage 101.

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