12 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. Yes, I did it at Thanksgiving, but pushed it slighlty to the deck side to make more traffic room, but I liked it better that way. After Thanksgiving, I kept it that way, and just centered it more.

    But anyway, isn’t my Lone Cowgirl with her toilet paper face mask cute?


  2. Yes, she is. I guess that was the point of the post and not showing the world the orientation of your kitchen table. 🙂 The toilet paper looks like something my munchkins would do.

  3. ACTUALLY, the first thing I thought when I read Carla’s first reply was “That sounds like something Knocker would say, totally missing MY point.”

    I must work on my communcation skills with my Gaskins relatives.


  4. That may have something to do with the fact that Lincoln had a big hand in her get-up. The chaps and boots are Lincoln’s and he made the tissue mask. I also think he bought the red hat and pistol for her.

    The flower “belt” is actually a hairbow holder that you hang on a wall.

    This Wordless Wednesday is getting awfully wordy.


  5. That’s the risk you run w/ Wordless Wednesday — people see what they’re naturally inclined to see instead of what you would draw attention to with words! When I showed the picture to Doug I asked him what stood out to him and he pointed to the belt and said, “What’s that?” 🙂

  6. Okay, now see, Doug gets it.

    The hot pink, feminine belt thing screams for attention because it does not fit in with the rest of her rugged, boyish cowboy attire. 🙂


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