A different kind of art . . . .

Our usual Friday Fancies are postponed to celebrate the musical arts.

My Sidney has practiced diligently for a little more than a year now.  His diligence is paying off, and he is finishing up Suzuki Book 1 and moving into Book 2.  To celebrate, we invited family and friends over for dinner and piano music.

Nineteen people were present to share the joy of the night.  Thank you, Lord, for loving family and friends.

Sid emcee’d the event, dressing formally from the ankles up.  And the crocs . . . .well, our family isn’t known for stylish fashion.

Sidney was a little nervous, but peformed professionally.

Our younger listeners politely follow along with the programs Sidney made.

After Sidney played his program, we begged Grandma Louise to play as well.

She walks slowly, testing each step and keeping her cane close at hand.  But her careful fragility transforms into graceful surety when her hands touch the piano keys.

She would not permit us to merely listen but insisted she would only play if we sang.  We sang Amazing Grace, How Great Thou Art, Thou Fount of Every Blessing, Victory in Jesus, the doxology and America while my father-in-law . . . . . . .

that’s him on the right . . . . . . cracked jokes between songs like . . . . .

“I don’t see why every one of y’all can’t sing in the same key with me.”


“One time I was singing Amazing Grace in church, and the man standing next to me sang, ‘Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound, that saved a wretch like YOU.’

My dear friend, Suzy, volunteered to make a special cake for Sidney’s special night.

He was surprised and delighted.  It tasted good too.

We finished the evening with cake, cookies and fellowship.

And a picture of Sidney with his piano teacher, Cindy.

We love you, Cindy.  You are such a blessing to Sidney and our family.  Thank you for the work you do.

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