She gave her very own bone

her baby tooth bone, that is.

In a solution of hydrogen peroxide.  So it is sterilized and squeaky clean.

Because brother Sidney’s birthday is special.

It’s not every day that a boy turns 11 years old.

She appears to have him charmed.  I mean, Adam didn’t just hand over his rib bone to Eve.  God put him to sleep and took it from him. 

But Rachel . . . . . . .Rachel gave of herself freely.

Lincoln gave a soccer ball.

I gave him some mushy mama love

which he obviously appreciates.

And sister Prairie . . . . . . . . .

she made sure that the birthday cheesecake on the floor didn’t go to waste.  She’s a practical sort.


Happy Birthday to my Sidney, who turned 11 year old on March 13th.  As Grandma Louise has said, “You are a special person.”  And she would be right.

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