Peace like a river

We escaped a couple of Sundays ago to John’s River.

I have always loved rivers.  As a kid, the most exciting thing in my world was spending a day at the river.

God must love rivers too.  He created Eden with 4.

There is the man in my Eden.

There are no dirty dishes, laundry or lesson plans here in Eden. 

Here, the most important thing I can do is sit and watch, to really see the joyful faces, to feel warm sun on my skin, to squeal when I step into the cool water that has traveled down the mountain, to simply revel in being here and now and alive with the people I love.

We must come back to this.  Again and again.

4 thoughts on “Peace like a river

      1. We’ll probably come while Phyllis and Bonnie are around (July). Also in August for our anniversary.

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