Chicken Amusements

Though the chicken estate isn’t quite finished, our feathered friends have moved out of my basement into their new quarters.  I have a great view of the chickens from the deck and have lost track of time many mornings, standing on the deck, watching our birds.


I am not the only one who finds the chickens distracting.  The children are really taken with the goofy, 2-legged critters.  Sidney is “training” that Silver-Laced Wyandotte rooster so he can show him.  Right now, training consists of catching him and coaxing him to sit still on Sidney’s lap.

Prairie is in training to get her eyes hen-pecked.  She hasn’t succeeded . . . . . .yet.

Lincoln and Rachel are coaching the Buff Orpingtons to sing in a musical.  Really.  I could hear them singing.  Rachel’s favorite morning pasttime has become capturing a chicken and walking around the pen, making the poor bird sing and dance.

Stay tuned for further poultry developments . . . . . . . . . .

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