Chicken Estate Preview

We have been carrying fresh water to the chickens twice a day.  The trek up and down the steep backyard is strenuous, and a few away-from-home days made keeping up with their water difficult at times.

This is where it is handy to have a man with heavy machinery, particularly DIGGING machinery.

Sid is digging a trench, a trench that will be laid with pipe and wire, pipe that will carry fresh water straight to the chicken coop and wire that will convey electric heat in winter.

And I didn’t even ask for these glorious conveniences.  Sometimes I feel bad because Sid never seems to stop working for me, but he insists that working around the house is relaxing to him.

Apparently, I do provide something in the way of entertainment though.  He pauses his digging here to watch his long-skirted wife straddling a 3 foot trench, while performing strange contortions to capture the perfect camera angle.

Coordination is not my stong point, and he knows it.  It is times like these that I’m glad he does not have a camera pointed at me.

Unveiling of the chicken estate is coming soon with a full tour of the watering and feeding system.  You will have to wait patiently along with me until he gets them done.

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