What happened to me?

It started out a pleasant morning.  I arose and exercised (because I am disciplined and have recorded 2 days of consecutive exercise on my calendar to prove it).

I showered, dressed, dried my hair and brushed it, flipping my locks this way and that, enjoying the bounce on my head.

Feeling reasonably attractive, I walked into the kitchen where I was met by the 11-year-old, who took one look at me, stopped in his tracks and asked, “What HAPPENED to you?”

I smiled quizzically, pivoted and stepped into the bathroom to see what I had overlooked.  He follow me, “Something is different, you did something different . . . . . . . . . . . . .” he pauses, staring hard at me.  “Oh, it’s your hair.   Bree cut your hair.”

Yes, my sister cut my hair.  She cut my long, stringy, below-the-shoulder hair.  I now have short, above-the-chin layers that kind of bounce, or maybe it is more like flop, around.

She cut it last evening, within sight of all the children and even creamed it with a mousse-like product that isn’t called mousse, because hair mousse is like sooooo Eighties.  I think she called it a “root lift.”  Whatever, it dried kind of hard in my hair, giving my hair a darkened wet, kind of spiky look.  It looked and felt exactly like Eighties mousse.  It was UGLY.

But I didn’t bother fixing my hair then, because I had a bunch of hungry people on my hands, including the lady who gave me the free haircut.  So I made supper and sat at the table with my crunchy hair and even talked to this 11-year-old son of mine. 

I would like to think that my beautiful personality overshadowed the ugly hair, making me beautiful in his eyes.  I wonder if this also works for a double chin.

But it is more likely that he was intensely focused on his food and whether or not he could sweet talk me into making him a third tomato sandwich.

2 thoughts on “What happened to me?

  1. I can relate! I got my hair loped off last week and I still cringe when I see it in a mirror. I keep trying to comfort myself with thinking it doesn’t matter, it’s only hair. It hasn’t really helped yet. LOL

    Here’s to the blessing of dead skin cells that reproduce quickly. 😀

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