A Blessed Mother’s Day

I was “dressed” for Mother’s Day by 4 children.

I don’t think style was the goal when Sid and the kids planned this little presentation.  However, my husband is well acquainted with my body temperature . . . .  . or  rather, my lack of normal body temperatures.  Thus he thoughtfully gifted me with socks made from sheep wool.

Not being the type of people who spend money on gift wrappings, Sid hid the socks in a drawer in the family room.  I was ordered to be seated and make myself ready to receive gifts.  Sidney retrieved one sock from the drawer and pulled it on my right leg.  Lincoln withdrew a matching sock and put it on my left leg.  Rachel found another sock in the drawer, put it on my right hand and pulled it up all the way past my elbow.  Prairie got yet another sock and determinedly yanked it up the length of my left arm.

I was beginning to wonder if that drawer was bottomless and I wasn’t sure I wanted to know what they would do with any other socks.

Here I am —– definitely not stylish, but warm and cozy. 

I wore the socks (on my feet) all morning, took them off to go to town, and put them back on later in the evening when I felt chilled.  Ahhh, soooo warm.

The 4 reasons I am honored with the title “Mama.”

And the best gift of all this year —- having my mother with me, 2 weeks after her surgery for breast cancer.  She is 75 years old.

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