Lincoln’s Poem

inspired by our study of monasticism in the The Middle Ages.


Lincoln J. Gaskins



The top monk is called the Abbot, and even the Abbot wears a habit.

At the strike of noon the monks gathered in the scriptorium

Where they were not allowed to hum,

And they’d light their little candles,

And carry their inkpots by their handles,

And copy the Bible for hours and hours,

And line, and draw, and paint towers.

Monks would save people with St. Bernards,

And people would write their thank-you cards, and they’d take some beer

And spit on wool, and Satan would leer, and make them cool

But it was rare

That that would get by

The Almighty Lord

Who is also a spy!


What can I say?  When inspiration strikes, all I can do is get out of his way!

3 thoughts on “Lincoln’s Poem

  1. Our neighbor has a St. Bernard. I’m pretty sure I could introduce you.

    And then we can go home and drink some Belgian beer!

    1. Then we also need some skin. The purpose of the beer really is to spit it on the hide. I’m not sure if it helped to removed the hair or condition the hide in the making of parchment.

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