Waiting for the light

The sun is sinking and darkness is deepening.  We feel this transition more strongly this evening because Lincoln taped our light switches down last night at bedtime, so we can’t flip on the lights.  We are choosing to live without light to remind us of a time long ago when all seemed dark and lost, when all hope seemed gone.

Andrew Peterson’s song Come Back Soon has been playing through my mind and house a lot the last few days.  It has fit my mood lately as I have pondered and prayed for several friends, family and names of strangers who are suffering.

We ate by candlelight and I finished up preparations for tomorrow’s quiche and cinnamon rolls in the twilight with two weak candles on the kitchen counter and a small flashlight to check my recipe measurements.  Sid and the children are outside kicking the soccer ball in the fading light.

Very soon, I will call them in and the children will get baths by candlelight and we will read about the crucifixion and contemplate the fear and dread, the overwhelming sorrow and confusion that Jesus’ followers must have felt.

Tomorrow, we will rise to the Light and Hope of the world.

But for now, we live in darkness.  And cling to hope.

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