A Wedding

took place last March.  And I am blogging about it 4.5 months later because it is important and I am still thinking back upon that day with fondness.

I took a lot of pictures, but this is by far my favorite one.  My mother- and father- in-law stand in the background while their youngest daughter straightens her groom.

I don’t think Josh really needed any “straightening.”  I suspect that Sandra’s attention was just hyper-focused on her beloved, and Josh does not seem to be suffering from the attention.

My second favorite picture of the day is the one I call “The Brothers of the Bride.”



My third favorite picture . . . . . .

oodles of sister sweetness.

A rare picture of Sid and me, taken by my eldest son.

I was feeling all mushy.  A good wedding can do that to a person.

Congratulations Josh and Sandra.  It was a lovely wedding and we are thrilled for both of you.

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