Oh bother . . .er, uh, I mean BRother

At a family wedding last March, I took the opportunity to take pictures.  My hope was to have lovely, loving pictures — a picture of my husband and me, a picture of my girls and a picture of my boys.  I expected it to be a quick, simple process because all my children are older so we would not have tired, cranky children after a long drive.

Oh but I underestimated the recalcitrance of prepubescent and pubescent boys.

“No poking, please.”

“Ahem . . . .you are still poking.”

“Let’s not pout, please.  Put on your happy face.”

“Did you hear what I just said?”

“WHAT did I ever do to deserve that face?”

“I need you BOTH to smile at the same time.”

“Stop strangling your brother.”

“I’m sure he wasn’t trying to be offensive when he suggested you are all brawn and little brain.”

“Okay, back to back and keep your hands to yourself please.”

“I said, NO TOUCHING!”

“Oh come on, guys, the quicker you cooperate, the quicker we can get to the reception and the food.”

Food . . . . . . . the bribe that always works.

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