Moving at the speed of light

That is what our lives feel like right now.

But just for this moment, I will hit the pause button and remember these things . . . . . . . .

Lincoln is long and outraged. His legs continue to elongate, probably due to all the running, jumping and stretching he does playing ultimate frisbee. He is also outraged to discover that his rabbit food contains animal protein, because rabbits are clearly herbivores.

Prairie is a pull-up bar hog. Her muscles are already better developed than mine because she lives on the pull-up bar that Sid built.

Sidney collects mercury and steals alcohol from beneath my bathroom vanity to perform experiments. I am pretty sure that the mercury had nothing to do with the experiments and I am not asking exactly what he is collecting it for. I am happy to remain in ignorance as long as my house doesn’t get destroyed.

Rachel just gets sweeter, though she did stick her head out the Suburban window, barking and howling along with Prairie, for the 20 minute drive home from Prayer and Praise tonight. But yeah, she is awfully sweet, all cuddly and eager to please, like a kitten, only better because she comes without the furballs and fleas.

So much to cherish if I can just keep the precious moments from slipping through my fingers like water.

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