Yee- hawwwwwww!

For a brief moment, my husband imagined himself John Schneider in a Dukes of Hazzard  episode.

Roscoe P. Coltrane was hot on his trail (also in his imagination), which, of course, explained why he fishtailed one way and another around the large pine tree in a curve of our driveway.

I didn’t witness the event or the aftermath as the trees protected my husband from my view.  However, I did hear about it from my 14 yo son, who helped his Dad pull “Roly-Poly” from the ditch.

My husband headed off to town, confident I am sure, that Sidney would tell me all about it and likely laughing to himself over the conversation he imagined going on at home.

Sid arrived home, hours later, proudly showing me the picture of Roly-Poly in the ditch.

“So,”  I asked him, “what happened to land you in the ditch?  Were you playing around or were you just not in the mood to tell Sidney what really happened?”

——–“I was Duke Boysin’,” he grinned.  “I was feeling it!  I came around the curve and I fishtailed one way (dramatic hand swipe to the left) and then I fishtailed the other way (dramatic hand swipe to the right)  and then . . . . . . . . .(dramatic pause here) . . . . I felt it slip.  And I knew . . . .  .(another dramatic pause) . . . .I just knew I was going in the ditch.  And there was nothing I could do about it.  (nonchalant shrug)  And that was okay.”

Hmmmmm . . . . . I couldn’t relate.  But he seemed excited, so I tried to carry on the conversation with him.

“Were you wearing a seatbelt?” I asked, without a trace of recrimination, I swear!

——–“Oh no,” he said in a tone that clearly conveyed “Of course not, the Duke boys never wore seat belts.”

“You know, a car in the ditch would be a major inconvenience to people without chains and bobcats to pull it out,”  I pointed out, triumphant that I had found a way to continue this dialogue.

——–“Yeah, and most people don’t have an extra car to drive into a ditch.”  I swear he is almost giddy.

“Do you think you are having a midlife crisis?  But instead of buying a Ferrari and chasing women, you are crashing Roly-Poly into ditches along our driveway?”

——–“Nah, this doesn’t feel like a crisis.  I feel pretty good.”

“So, do you think this is setting a good example for our boys who will be driving in a few years?”  I was genuinely curious.

———He thought about this for several long moments . . . . . . . “Yeah, I think I am.”

And I believe that.

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