The Relatives Came

As the year of 2013 was closing, relatives swooped in to make life more exciting.

They crowded into our home, bringing food, sleeping bags and pillows and happy chatter.  There were bodies all over the house, overflowing beds, spread onto couches and chairs and spilling onto floors.  They were even hanging from the ceiling.

They played outside well past dark, not seeming to notice the cold temperatures.  All that chasing and shrieking must have kept them warm.  They ate a lot of food and played a little music and even read a few books.

We knew ahead of time they were coming, so we planned to make use of all the free labor.

So after breakfast, on the last day of 2013, we sent them out to help Sid frame and hoist the roof — a job that would have been more difficult without all the extra hands.



A gang photo (minus me, the photographer) before we wave them off.

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