Birthday Girl

My Rachel is 10.

We call her Sweetness because she is adored and delightful.

She is the source of great inspiration.  She inspired an older brother to craft Purina Dino Food for her toy dinosaur.




She climbs her Daddy like a monkey, prefers bare feet but is ever prepared with socks hanging from the elastic waistband of her pants.




She delights in beauty.

Her words are honey sweet, her heart so tender .  Even a rare grump from Rachel is winsome.


She is beautiful to us.

3 thoughts on “Birthday Girl

  1. I have a question…does she carry the socks intentionally, like in case of emergency? Or is it a laundry issue? I MUST KNOW.

  2. She seems to prefer bare feet in the house, but when she needs to go outside in the cold, she wants socks. I think she just doesn’t like running up and down the stairs for a pair of socks..

    This is likely only a “problem” for kids who homeschool and live in 2-story houses. The homeschooling means she is home all day and can go in and out, in and out. The 2-story house can be a pain if you find yourself needing to run up and down stairs too often.

    And of course, life is so much harder when your mom is always wanting you to go outside for chores — take out trash, take out compost, midday check for eggs, check goats’ water, check on rabbits, etc, etc, etc.


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