Prairie Perspective

Last night the boys and I had a birthday party to attend, and we left the girls home with Sid.  They decided to make a Daddy – daughter event of baking chocolate chip cookies.

The girls were already tucked into bed when I got home, so I didn’t get the recap until this morning.

“Mama, do you know how to make the BEST chocolate chip cookies?” Prairie asked.

——“No, how do you make the best chocolate chip cookies?”

“Well, you have to have a Daddy and 2 girls.”

I am completely suckered.

She later balanced out that syrupy sweetness with a bit of spice . . . . . .

I literally caught her with a hand in the cookie jar BEFORE she had eaten a decent lunch —-

“Mama, Mama, Mama,” she says in her queenly tone, “I am going to do this the COOKIE-ish way.  I put the cookie on my plate, then I put my lunch on the plate.  I eat my lunch and THEN I eat my cookie.  Okay?”

It is really hard not to laugh with our Prairie around.

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