Spring Babies

Our Saanen doe kidded a few weeks ago, just as we were heading out the door to the Sunday morning service.  We all headed down to the barn instead and watched Jeanetta give birth to bucklings.

This is our third year watching the goats kid, and it is still a time of hopeful expectation.  The buckling below is about 2 hours old.




Lincoln’s rabbit had kits on Mother’s Day.  Lincoln sweet talks the baby, “Well, hello, Dinner #1.  You are growing up nice and meaty.  You’ll taste yummy on my plate.”




Our latest addition:  Lucy Belle, an 11-week old Pyrennees.  Right now, she is enthusiastic, clumsy and a delightful, entertaining nuisance to our outdoor work.  She will be a working dog when she grows up   —– guarding the chickens, rabbits and goats from predators like coyotes.

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