He was permitted

to drive with an adult by the State of North Carolina 2 months ago.

He was permitted to drive his mama crazy by . .  . . .  . well, I don’t know whom . . . . 15 years ago.

First, he drove me crazy with worry — at 6 weeks premature, he was not interested in eating.

Or breathing.

Or maintaining a normal body temperature.

Difficult child.



Later, he drove me crazy with love.  Crazy with irritation.  Crazy with hope.  Crazy with confusion.  Crazy with laughter.



When I remember the prayers I uttered while carrying him in my womb, I can see that God answered many of my requests for my firstborn in the affirmative.



But he also gave me MORE than I asked for.



It is some of that MORE that tested me.  The MORE part of Sidney that is .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  well, different from me.  As he matures, I step back further and further, and my vision becomes less cloudy.  I can see more clearly how his differences make him stronger.  And I find that I am so thankful for the way he is different and the way he challenges me to be different.

The Three Sidneys

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