In which they make my heart pound

May has been a very busy month for my men — Sid, Sidney and Lincoln spent 3 weekends roofing houses.  They worked with people from our church and community, a few of whom had real roofing experience, thank goodness.

This lovely old home had a complex roof and 3 layers of shingles, 9 layers in some places. This front side view doesn’t look too high off the ground.

The backside, however . . . . . .

is 3 stories high.  I really don’t know why Hayes and Lily are smiling when the ground is sooo far below them.

One of my favorite pictures —- one in which my offspring is not standing on a steep roof 3 stories off the ground.  No, he is sitting on a steep roof 3 stories off the ground.  Sitting is definitely better.  Sitting slows the pounding of my heart — a small reprieve until he stands again and kicks my heart into high gear.

The irony here is that our own house is 3 stories off the ground on the backside.  A few years ago, Sid crawled up there to install a fan.  I documented that episode in this post, Irritably Thankful.  I decided at that time that I never wanted Sid on the backside of our roof again, and that I would gladly pay professionals to crawl up there when the need arose.

Then I ended up here, with my 15 yo son on a roof just as dangerous.

And I don’t know how or why it happened.  Frankly, it blindsided me.  

But I know it had to happen.  

So trembling, I let my sons do the work of men — hard, dangerous work — so that they can grow to be strong, capable men.

linc on roof

Lincoln, learning roofing skills from Art and Howard, friends from our church.


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